The Power Within Guided Meditation Series

We are what we think!

Guided imagery
visualization has been
used for centuries by athletes,
people in the arts, successful
business people, physicians and 
anyone who wishes to affect direction, 
change, healing, and balance in their life.

Out with the old and in with the new!  Stop
repeating the same messages in your mind.  
Discover your personal power. Learn to love 
yourself as you are, magnificent and unique.

Benefit from sophisticated guided imagery to increase
insight, problem solving, creativity, stress reduction and 
promote a sense of personal well-being.

Patricia Fares-O'Malley is a practicing psychologist  with a Ph.D
in the Natural Healing Arts and is a National Certified Counselor 

and Hypnotherapist. In addition, Dr. O'Malley is recognized for her 

workshops and training programs with hospitals, organizations and businesses. 
The Power Within series is an outgrowth of her work with individuals and groups 

in health-related and business industries. 





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